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Welcome to SnapShot Photography and thanks for taking a look.I hope you enjoy what you see and that you get to know me a bit through my passion of photography. I am a full-time photographer specializing in Weddings and Engagements so you'll see a lot of samples of the style of images I love to capture.

The word Photography literally means 'drawing with light', which derives from the Greek photo, meaning light and graph, meaning to draw. Photography is the process of recording an image – a photograph – on lightsensitive film or, in the case of digital photography, via a digital electronic or magnetic memory.

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Wedding Photography

Traditional photography captures events as they are supposed to. The beauty of candid wedding photography lies in the natural reactions of the people. It clicks people in their best emotions and brings out the feelings of that moment through a picture.

Portrait photography

Portrait photography is a very well-known and popular style of photography. This style of photography is all about trying to capture the personality, identity, soul, and emotions of a person by utilizing the background atmosphere, poses, and lighting.

Event Photography

An events photographer specializes in taking pictures for important or specific gatherings such as parties, shows, events, and weddings. They must assist with the event setup and provide excellent customer service to ensure that things will run smoothly.


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